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Golf Cart Service and Repair

Service and Repair | Macon Golf Carts

Golf cart service and repair is sometimes necessary when you are a golf cart owner.  This is why Macon Golf Carts offers this valuable service to our customers. We are a family-owned small business which means customer service and satisfaction is on the top of our list. At Macon Golf Carts, you can be certain that we stand behind our quality products and workmanship.

If your golf cart needs tuning up or a complete overhaul, you are in the right place. We offer both pickup and delivery service and work on most all manufacturer brands. Your cart will work the first time because of our knowledgeable staff, quality work, and customer service satisfaction record. We handle one customer at a time.

Golf Cart Service and Repair:

Pickup and Delivery (within a 25 mile radius of Macon, GA)
Gas or Electric Golf Cart (repair services available for either type)
Battery Service click here for some maintenance tips (connections, remove corrosion, terminal protector, water levels)
Brakes (remove drums, inspect shoes, adjust cable and brakes)
Wheels (front wheel alignment w/ straight steering wheel, bearings, accelerator push rod pivots, and mounts; lubrication of full cart: brake pedal shaft bearing, brake linkage & pivots, switch contacts, brake slides, front suspension, and trans axle.)
Tires (pressure, inspection for damage and tread level)
Electrical Wiring (check for all wiring and connections for damage and tightness)
Forward Reverse Switch
Drive Assemblies
Top Canopy Connections
Spark Plug and Air Filter (gas)
Valve Adjustments (according to manufacturer’s guide)
Inspect All Cables
Starter Generator (gas – check drive belts, remove boots and inspect brushes for wear)

Request for Repair or Service: