Macon Golf Carts

written by: Suzanne Mathis

Chris Murman and Benjamin Jones started Macon Golf Carts in 2014. They specialized in building custom golf carts specific to each customer. They also customized carts for industrial and hunting specific applications.
After being founded as a hobby, Macon Golf Carts quickly grew over the last 2 years and the company recently begun a more formal approach to marketing and selling to solidify relationships, maximize sales opportunities and fill voids they see currently in the marketplace.

Father and son-in-law team Chris Murman and Benjamin Jones have a long history with golf and the golf industry. Chris is a Class-A PGA member and has competed at many levels over his career. Chris and his wife are the former owners of Houston Lake Golf Club in Warner Robins and have relocated to the Idle Hour area in recent years. Benjamin grew up in Macon and has lived here for 34 of his 38 years. He is married to Chris’s daughter Cassie (Murman) Jones. Benjamin and Cassie have a 16-month-old son, Benjamin Candler Jones, Jr. Benjamin graduated from Stratford Academy in 1997, UGA in 2001, and completed Masters in Business Administration from Georgia College and State University in 2015. He currently serves as the Sales and Transportation manager for Aggregates USA’s Georgia and Florida Division as his “day job.”

Benjamin says, “What sets us apart is honesty, and a product that we are willing to stand behind. We want to grow the business in the Macon community and we plan to be there for a long time. In order to do that we must take care of our customers one at a time. At Macon Golf Carts, we will always uphold honest y and integrity when we deal with our customers. We plan to build the business base one relationship at a time and we will always stand behind our products. Buying from us should give our customers peace of mind because you are dealing with top quality products and people that you personally have known for quite some time.”

When asked about his perspective, Chris said, “We are extremely excited about offering quality custom golf carts to businesses and friends in the community. Benjamin is a talented and bright young man with a lot of energy and passion. We are fortunate to blend our skills, relationships, and resources to start a family business and fill a need in the community.”

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