Golf Cart Battery

Why should you wonder about a golf cart battery’s life? Because you want to squeeze as much use out of one as possible before having purchase a new one. Batteries for golf carts are similar to car batteries; they must be properly maintained in order to maximize their life cycle.

We are often asked, “How often should I charge my battery?” and my response is, “after EVERY use, even short drives.” Another important maintenance tip is making sure you add water to your battery regularly… about 1/4th of an inch above the plates. Be mindful not to overfill, because the acid can be both harmful and corrosive. If your battery is covered with acid, you can put baking soda on it and use water to wash it away. You will also want to keep the connections and terminals clean with a wire brush or terminal cleaner. Another important tip is to use a desulfactor to prevent sulfation. This will prolong your battery’s life with less charge times and longer drive times.

Lastly, depending on your climate will dictate how you should store your battery. The best winter storage option is a fully charged battery stored in a warm space disconnected from any accessories. In the summer, again fully charged but store in a cool place. You should make a note on a calendar to charge the batteries at least once a month if it is going to be kept in storage for a while.

According to one source, the average expectancy of a golf cart battery’s life varies depending on quality, maintenance, usage, and climate. Of course, if you need to replace your battery, we are here for you.  Go to our Services page for a list of services and repairs we offer, then schedule an appointment for an assessment or to have your cart picked up.